captureyourimaginationCapture Your Imagination chronicles the remarkable journey of a young man who discovered early that the path to success is not always paved with good deeds. For him, success meant fitting into a world that didn’t want him, a world that he was desperate for. And so his young life as a con artist begins, as he fights to establish himself within an elite group of inner-city youth.

Everything changes when he meets Cheryl. Captivated by her innocence, he commits himself to the straight and narrow. Cheryl’s unwavering belief fulfills his need for acceptance. Before long, he finds himself living an ordinary life in an ordinary job with a wife, two kids, and a four bedroom house in the suburbs.

The dramatic and humorous plotline changes when his old self surfaces and threatens to destroy all that is good in his life. But when tragedy strikes and Cheryl is left in a heroic fight for her life, David renews his struggle to be the man that she always believed him to be. During their battle to save her, Cheryl inspires David to conquer his own demons to ensure that her spirit captures the world's imagination